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Your Personal Locker for everyday valuables It's safe. It's portable. It's compact. Introducing India's first-of-its kind personal locker for everyday use. Goldilocks is the perfect safe for you to store your daily valuables like keys, credit cards, watches, glasses, wallet, etc.

Video Door Phones

Video Door Phones

Our security solutions now comprise highly advanced wireless video door phones which works seamlessly towards safeguarding you comprehensively. Video door phones by Godrej Security Solutions have earned popularity for their direct approach. While home safes and lockers may serve a secondary function, video door phones avert risks and resolve the concern of security from the root. It is a far cry from the obsolete and highly unreliable peepholes that have been a part of many homes and offices for decades. Features that our video door phones have

  • Features that our video door phones have
  • The door camera is enabled with high-resolution features, while providing automatic and manual video recording
  • Internal storage and capability of accommodating a micro SD card
  • Integrated intercom facility
  • Capable of supporting multiple indoor units
  • Automatic door access
  • Privacy function
  • Infrared LED for convenient use at night

  • Consider this before buying
  • We will go a step further and arrange a consultation to discuss your unique security concerns
  • Post an audit and a comprehensive analysis of your home or office, a tailor-made security solution will be devised by us for your residence
  • Additionally, your devices will also be subject to maintenance from us to keep it functioning as it should

To protect your family and personal valuables, invest in our video door phones which come in affordable prices.

Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

Eagle-I Pro Eagle-I Smart Eagle-I Lite

Godrej offers home alarms that help detect the occurrence of burglaries or mishaps, especially when you are not at home. Setting up home alarms like Godrej's Eagle-I Lite, does not even need an electrician. All you need to do is plug in the device and install the sensors. Intrusion alarm systems made by Godrej are equipped with a wide range of sensors. These sensors will detect not just fire and robbers, but also glass breakage. The sensors of the Eagle-I Smart may be placed on wardrobes, drawers, and cabinets to know if someone else has opened them.

Home CCTV Cameras

Home Cams

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