Physical Security Solutions

Commercial Establishments


The hard work you put from 9 to 5 deserves to be protected 24/7. And that's what we work hard to ensure. With safes that come with double-duty armour and drill-defeat shields, it's safe to say, the only people kept out of business are the burglars!

Physical Security Solutions

Bank | Offices | Infrastructure | Assets


Half the world relies on the security of banks for their valuable belongings. But even the banks need something to bank on to uphold their high standards! With an answer to all security nuances from currency bin cabinets to hard-core vaults, high-security doors to fire-resistant safes, Godrej Security Solutions is here to make breaking into banks "Mission Impossible"!

Premises Security Solutions


Your house is well-protected and so is your workplace. But what happens when you step out? Why not extend the feeling of safety to your outside world as well? With on-ground security systems to keep a vigil watch, set up a perimeter, authenticate access and even set off alarms, transforming your precincts into a safe-haven isn't too far-fetched. What's more, they're on-duty long after your security detail has called it a day!

Marine Solutions

Currency Handling Equipment

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